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Medicare offers washroom sanitary bins at unbeatable prices with an unbeatable service to match.

Why pay top prices for sanitary bins when you could pay less and get more from Medicare.  Choose from our attractive black and chrome units which can be foot pedal or electronically operated for hygienic hands-free operation.  These units are designed to minimise dirt traps and aid superfast hygienic service with ‘easy close’ bin liners.

If you prefer cool white, then choose from our most popular automatic battery-operated unit.

Don’t forget to order a disposal bag holder for easy use and biocidal hygiene bin deodoriser to keep your sanitary bin fresh and hygienically clean.

We have a variety of finishes and styles to suit your washroom and budget.  Choose from:

  • Pedal operated sanitary bin
  • Automatic sensor touch-free sanitary bin

Don’t forget that we provide a complete range of cost effective washroom solutions too.  We can work within your budget and take the strain of your washroom requirements.  We have a range of air fresheners to keep your washroom environment fresh, soap dispensers – traditional or foam, and also hand dryers to minimise paper waste.

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